Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the official name of the company?

The formal name of the company is “DIGITALiBiz, Inc.” We capitalize the word “DIGITAL,” use a lowercase “i,” and only capitalize the letter “B” in “Biz.” This emphasizes the “i” and helps prevent incorrect pronunciation of our name. For branding purposes we abbreviate our name as “iBiz.” When writing “iBiz” always spell it with a lowercase “i” and uppercase “B.”


Q: What does iBiz do?

DIGITALiBiz (iBiz) is a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) information technology firm that specializes in six primary areas: (1) Business & Technology Solutions; (2) Communications Strategy & Outreach; (3) Operations Research & Analysis; (4) IT System Engineering & Integration; (5) Program Management; and (6) Portfolio Management


Q: Where is iBiz headquartered?

iBiz Corporate Headquarters is located in Rockville, MD.


Q: When was iBiz founded?

CEO and CIO, Michael Wu started iBiz in 2002.


Q: Where are employees based?

Many of our employees work onsite with our customers in the Washington, DC Metro area. We also have several employees in Atlantic City, NJ; Oklahoma City, OK; Gettysburg, PA; Boca Raton, FL; Cambridge, MA; and Charleston, SC.