We seek solutions that add value and drive results for our clients.

Our Solutions

Our expertise in systems, hardware, and software engineering disciplines, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of open systems architecture, allows us to develop turn-key systems to provide our clients with efficient & reliable solutions.

Business Technology Solutions

Innovation to meet your organization’s needs, optimizing business processes and improving efficiency.

Communications Strategy & Outreach

Branding solutions with consistent messaging that aligns with your organization’s mission and vision and connects with your audience.

Operations Research & Analysis

Advancing your business through research and customized problem-solving and analytical techniques.

IT Systems Engineering & Integration

Developing, designing, and managing systems to improve system operation and seamlessly bridge the gap between existing and emerging systems.

Program Management

Trust the iBiz brand of service to manage and oversee crucial programs and important projects.

Portfolio Management

Dependable information management and strategic planning to strengthen your portfolio and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

iBiz Fast Facts

Our financial management system has been audited and approved by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).