U.S. Army ITES-3S

Welcome to the DIGITALiBiz (iBiz) ITES-3S website.  The objective of the ITES-3S contract is to meet the Army’s enterprise infrastructure and info-structure goals with a full range of innovative, world-class Information Technology (IT) support services and solutions at a fair and reasonable price. ITES-3S is a multiple award, IDIQ contract vehicle. It is the Army’s primary source of IT-related services worldwide. All DOD and other federal agencies are authorized to use ITES-3S to satisfy their IT requirements.

Working in partnership with the prime contractors, CHESS manages the contracts, in coordination with the ACC-RI Contracting Center. Through the use of ITES-3S, users have a flexible means of meeting IT service needs quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Orders may be placed by any contracting officer from the aforementioned agencies. There is no fee to place orders against the ITES-3S contract.


The ITES-3S contract encompasses a full range of innovative, world-class information technology support services and solutions at a reasonable price including:

  • IT solution services
  • IT Subject-Matter Expert (SME)
  • IT Functional Area Expert (FAE)
  • Incidental construction
  • Other direct costs (ODCs)
  • IT solution equipment
  • Travel and per diem
  • IT solution software
  • IT solution – ODCs

These services are organized under the following task areas:

  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Enterprise Design, Integration, and Consolidation Services
  • Network/Systems Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Telecommunications/Systems Operation and Maintenance Services
  • IT Education & Training Services
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • IT Supply Chain Management


iBiz ITES-3S Contract Number



Period of Performance

iBiz is a prime contractor under the ITES-3S contract for a base period of five (5) years with four (4) optional periods:

  • Base Period: 09/25/2018 – 09/24/2023
  • Option Period 1: 09/25/2023 – 09/24/2024
  • Option Period 2: 09/25/2024 – 09/24/2025
  • Option Period 3: 09/25/2025 – 09/24/2026
  • Option Period 4: 09/25/2026 – 09/24/2027



The ITES-3S IDIQ contract has a ceiling of $12,100,000,000.


Contract Types

The following types of Task Orders (TOs) are authorized under this contract:

  • Cost Reimbursement (CR)
  • Time and Materials (T&M)
  • Firm Fixed Price (FFP)


ITES-3S Benefits

The ITES-3S contract offers the following benefits:

  • No fees associated
  • Decentralized ordering
  • Open to Army DOD and all federal agencies
  • Wide range of available services


CHESS IT e-mart

Visit the CHESS IT e-mart by clicking the following link: https://chess.army.mil


iBiz ITES-3S Subcontractors

Our select group of teaming partners expand our ability to provide enterprise-wide, net-centric hardware, software, and engineering and support services for the U.S. Army and other federal government customers worldwide.


Points of Contact

For more information about iBiz's ITES-3S contract please contact:

  • David Arundel 

  Position: Director of IDIQ Programs

  Phone: 240-844-3606

  Mobile: 703-244-4738

  Email: david.arundel@digitalibiz.com


  • Wayne Porter 

  Position: Business Development Lead

  Phone: 240-252-6816

  Email: wporter@digitalibiz.com


  • Mark Rados 

  Position: Pricing Lead

  Phone: 240-751-4910

  Email: mrados@digitalibiz.com


  • Thomas Roland 

  Position: Contracts Lead

  Phone: 240-751-4761

  Email: thomas.roland@digitalibiz.com


iBiz ITES-3S Ordering Guide

Download our Army ITES-3S Ordering Guide